My team spent last week trying to understand how the Administration is or isn't directing the medical equipment supply chain.

Our conclusion: it's a total, complete, absolute clusterf**k.

No one is in charge. No one knows the rules. No one knows where the supplies are.— Chris Murphy (@ChrisMurphyCT) April 4, 2020The only person in the White House who is less competent than Jared is Trump. They are in charge.

Meanwhile, in the Senate, Mitch McConnell has one goal: approve more Federal judges. Because that’s what the country needs right now. A cynical person would say the problem is the GOP. A really cynical person would ask: “What was your first clue?”

Dept of This Really Happened: https://t.co/LyNLrQMZ99

— Susan Glasser (@sbg1) April 4, 2020

NEW: @NYGovCuomo says Chinese government is sending 1000 ventilators, arriving at JFK today.

— Jesse McKinley (@jessemckinley) April 4, 2020 QED