Erich Maria Remarkable; Misspelling Test; Somewhere Over A Couple Color Bands Of The Rainbow... James And The Huge Impeachment; Stooges In Stogie-smoke-filled Rooms

Welcome to our August 11th edition of Joseph Young’s Puzzleria! 
On this week’s menus are half-a-dozen puzzles:One Roy G. Biv Appetizer,One remarkable Appetizer,One honeybee of a Slice,Two peachy-keen Slices ripped-off from a “Willow tree,” andOne stogie-smoke-filled Dessert.
So don’t be a stooge or a Scrooge. Lie back in your La-Z-Boy like it’s a luge and light up a stogie that’s HUGE. And puff on our puzzles.As always, enjoy sifting through our smokescreens.
Appetizer Menu
Spectra Vision Appetizer:Somewhere over a couple color bands of the rainbow 
Insert an “i” within a 5-letter word associated with a certain color to form a word associated with a different color. These colors are more-or-less on opposite ends of the visible spectrum.
Put the two colors in alphabetical order, side-by-side without a space. Remove the last letter of the first color and double the first letter of the second color. The result is an adjective that often modifies “vision.”
What are these two colors and the two words associated with them? What is the adjective that often modifies “vision”? 
All Noisy On The Eastern Front Appetizer:Erich Maria Remarkable
Among the most memorable words in a well-reported remark that made headlines this past week were three nouns, along with a common conjunction. Rearrange the letters of the 16 combined letters of those four words to form three new two-syllable nouns:1. The first noun (4 letters) applies to the person to whom the remark was directed (but not, reportedly, to the speaker of the remark).2. The second noun (6 letters) applies to the speaker of the remark (but not, apparently, to the father of the person to whom the remark was directed – particularly when this father was engaged in “walking softly and carrying a big club”).3. The third noun (also 6 letters) should apply to any Earthling who believes in “a higher power” and who has heard the remark). A one-syllable homograph of this two-syllable noun is a word for what these Earthlings frankly don’t have as long as the likes of this “remarker” and this “remarkee” remain in positions of power, influence and responsibulity.What are the four words among those the remark? What are the three nouns formed by rearranging these four words?Hint:#1 noun begins with a w.#2 noun begins with a d.#3 noun begins with a p.

Tori Spelling Bee-Movie Slice:Misspelling test
A 6-letter word is often misspelled by replacing its fifth letter with a different but incorrect vowel. Misspell the word in this way using lowercase letters. Delete the first letter and spell the result backward to form a 5-letter word associated with three-year-olds. It is also a word associated with a television character portrayed by Gene Barry.
Return to the original 6-letter word that is often misspelled. Spell it correctly this time, again using lowercase letters. Rotate the second and fourth letters 180 degrees about their vertical axes and, again, delete the first letter. View the result in a mirror and capitalize what now appears to be the first letter. The result is the title of a book set during the era of a war, the movie version of which was set during the era of a later war.
What is the 6-letter word that is often misspelled? What is the 5-letter word associated with three-year-olds and Gene Barry’s character? What is the book/movie title?

Ripping Off Shortz Slices:James and the huge impeachment
Will Shortz’s August 6th NPR Weekend Edition Sunday puzzle reads: The word INAUGURATION contains the letters of GNU, GOAT, IGUANA and AGOUTI, which are all animals. The name of what 9-letter animal can be spelled from the letters of inauguration?Puzzleria’s! Ripping Off Shortz Slices read:ONE:The word IMPEACHMENT contains the letters of HAM, PEA, PATE (not the crown of the head, the one pronounced pah tay) and MINT, which are all foods. Then, of course, there are PEACH and PECAN, which are also kinds of PIE. → The name of what 9-letter food can be spelled from the letters of IMPEACHMENT to name another kind of pie?→ The name of what 8-letter food prepared and EATen by North American Indians can be spelled from the letters of IMPEACHMENT? (This food –which I learned about from reading a novel by Nikki Rajala (creator of last week’s Michelin/Michelob puzzle) – is sometimes spelled as a 7-letter word.)→ The name of what 6-letter mint (that my kitten Smitten enjoys EATing) can be spelled from the letters of IMPEACHMENT?

TWO:The word RESIGNATION contains the letters of ANTS, RATS, GNATS, GOATS, GATORS and TIGERS, which are all animals. The letters of RESIGNATION can be used to spell the names of what:→ 7-letter member of the congressional body that can vote to convict a sitting president based on articles of impeachment?→ 7-letter high crime, other than bribery, that a president might be convicted of?→ 6-letter color of the sitting president’s hair?→ 3-letter color of the sitting president’s skin?→ 7-letter adjective meaning failure to exercise intelligence and sound judgment?→ 8-letter adjective meaning lacking knowledge or comphehension?→ 7-letter adjective meaning most silly?→ 8-letter Spanish-language title for Miss Universe 2010?→ 5-letter name of a stooge (named Howard, but not Moe) upon whose radio and TV broadcasts the sitting president often appeared, pre-POTUS?

Dessert Menu
De-Doubling Dessert:Stooges in stogie-smoke-filled rooms
Remove all double adjacent letters from  the last name of a politician lately in the news. (For example, Oklahoma representative Steve Russell – who is not the answer – would become “Steve Rue.”) The politician’s last name, after removing the letters spells out the first name of a another stooge – or, to be more precise, the first name of another Stooge.
Who is this politician?   
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