Everglades National Park

A nice warm day.

In these next four photos if you look carefully, perhaps by clicking on pics, you can see how captivated we were by watching a gator do some "oppotunistic fishing". She would just dig into the swamp banks and grab with her jaws. We were able to follow her above on a walkway as she just burrowed under the swamp or swam under plants and in stealth mose with her eyes above water.

I love her neck all coiled like that ready to jab for a fish. Rick said she couldn't get hired by even the cubs because her odds were 2/7 as we watched and he counted how many times she actually got a fish. We are staying with a friend in Miami this week and more on Rick later...

Um, excuse me. Can you see how close these two are to each other? I had to resist the urge to try and shoo the bird away from the gator.

"Check my fancy." I love this...he's drying off his feathers just sitting there like that for a good ten minutes or more. Big pimping.

A resting vulture who didn't seem the least bit put off by me hanging over him to take the picture.

Here is Stagg as we make a remarkable stop to pick up Ugli Fruit, and Jackfruit and Key Lime Milk Shakes. No. Did you hear me? KEY LIME MILK SHAKES! To die for. As Rick says "It's a surprise to find out you can have that kind of sensation that far up your body."