Good Good Friday

The last time we met, we agreed that the next drinking session would be after the kids examination in May. But it was a long weekend last week and hard to imagine a Good Friday without good food and wine. With all sort of excuses, we met up on the Friday holiday. :)

The clams that I bought for the dinner were so fresh for steaming. I chopped and added lots of garlic and steamed them over high heat with chicken broth and Sauvignon Blanc. Two-thumbs-up for the seafood and the soup of broth, white wine and the freshness of the clams was steaming good!

Steam Clams in broth and white wine
Jazz made some interesting and delicious salad and baked mussels with cheese.

There was practically no carbohydrate for the night but it was still very filling largely because of the amount of ribs that I had prepared.
Grilled ribs 2 weekends in a row... What you see here was just half the portion... and we finished everything!
Swedish meatball from IKEA with Prego sauce
Refreshing fruit saladI did not have the chance to take down any tasting notes but we had 5 bottles that night. Starting with the D'Arenberg The Broken Fishplate Sauvignon Blance 2009 to go with the clams and mussels. We moved on to Chateau La Faurie Maison Neuve Lalande De Pomerol 2006, Woodstock Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon blend 2008 and Two Old Men Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon blend 2008. We ended the Good Friday night with Tim Smith Shiraz 2008 from Barossa.
Wine for the night