I've Got Mail: Nail Polish Haul From Transdesign (Review)

I did a massive nail polish order with some of my ladies at the beginning of last month and I'm only just getting around to posting on my haul! I order my nail polishes from Transdesign and this is my 4th time ordering from them. They carry a range of nail polish brands (OPI, Essie, Orly, China Glaze, CND, Color Club, Misa and more) and also nail treatments. I'm going to try and explain the most important things when ordering off this website and hopefully it helps if you wish to order from them because honestly, they offer the biggest range at the cheapest prices i've come across online (OPI $6.80, Essie $5.95, China Glaze $2.99, Orly $5, Seche Vite $4.50).This time i placed an order for 42 bottles in a Medium Flat Rate Box. In the past i've done 2 Small Flat Rate Box orders and 1 Medium one, this is my second Medium order. 
So first of all, the OPI page used to be directly linked from the main nail polishes page with all the other brands however, i think they had some issues with OPI and they've taken the link down however the page still exists and they still stock all the current and old collections! To find the page, simply google "Transdesign OPI" Or you can click here c: and you'll be taken to the page where you can continue shopping and adding things to your cart.Transdesign offers 3 shipping methods: Flat Rate, Priority and Express Mail. The latter 2 are quite expensive so i usually go with the first one. They offer 3 Flat Rate options depending on the size of your order:Small Flat Rate Box (up to 9 bottles) $23Medium Flat Rate Box (up to 42 bottles) - $68Large Flat Rate Box (up to 65 bottles) - $83
- but you have to request it in the comment box and get them to manually change it for you as these flat rates are not an option when you check out your cart. This was taken from their policies page: 
Apply to Small, Medium, and Large Flat Rate Box Shipping Type - for Paypal Customers:
There will be $4.00 fees if you continue to pay by Paypal when you already have been inform by E-mail that either you correct the amount and pay, or submit the order and wait for us to make a money request through paypal. If you keep on submitting the order and pay the total amount in cart, we will charge you.
While i've never had a problem with them in the past, this time, one of the nail polishes was missing. I emailed them about it and they replied quite curtly simply saying they already refunded the cost of the nail polish. I wish they had just send me the missing item because it was one of my friend's nail polishes and it's disappointing when you order something and don't get it. And now she's either going to have to buy it elsewhere or do another order with them to get what she originally paid for. Not to mention, i divided the shipping cost ($68) by each individual bottle (42 bottles) and this messed up my calculations (as we only got 41 bottles). I don't mind paying an extra dollar or two, its just frustrating and i wish they were a little more polite about the situation. Honestly though, doing such a big order was such a pain this time and i think in the future i will just stick to 9 bottle orders even if it costs a bit more. But otherwise, they've been fine each time i've ordered with them. Quick service, and everything is packaged safely. It arrived in a box like this filled with styrofoam:This was my haul, i picked up 9 bottles + 2 Bottles of Seche Vite. Some really great colors for Spring! Swatches will come soon c:  
 I hope that answered some of your questions c: Have you ever ordered from Transdesign/Where do you order your nail polishes online?