"If There When Grace Dances, I Should Dance."--W.H. Auden

rustypickup says:

An update with good news. After another negative coronavirus test they really started searching to see what else might be going on. Pediatrician, infectious disease specialist, pediatric cardiologist (Kawasaki is a immune response with inflammation, there were worried about vascular issues) and an immunologist. We are glad he is at a level 1 trauma and teaching hospital with a dedicated children's hospital, it makes a difference. Yesterday afternoon they diagnosed strep throat. In rare cases it can trigger the Kawasaki syndrome symptoms. High fever, rash, other symptoms but never a sore throat. It was a tricky diagnosis. The good news is they can treat the strep, and with that treated the Kawasaki and other symptoms should resolve. He was still rough yesterday but we are hoping with antibiotics kicking in he will start to improve today. Thank you again for the prayer, it meant so much. The prayers of you the Thought Criminal mean something to me, even though none of us have ever met.

Hopefully he will be home in a few days. He and my wife will need to quarantine for two weeks since they were at the hospital, but that will seem minor after all this. I will let you know when he is released.