Illamasqua Naked Strangers Collection: Intimacy Sheer Lipgloss + Naked Rose Powder Blusher (Swatch + Review)

I got these as part of my birthday present from my mum c:
So far from illasmasqua, i've tried their powder blushers, cream blushers and their skin base foundation, all of which i love so i was really excited to get a lip gloss! Both pieces are from the Naked Strangers Collection.

Sheer Lip gloss in Intimacy: the first thing i noticed when i opened this was the scent, it smells like bubble gum c: this is described as a 'nude pink brown' on the illamasqua website. I think the name "sheer lip gloss" is kind of misleading because it was quite pigmented. It is very glossy and i love the micro gold shimmers. The consistency is thick but it's not sticky. It goes on smoothly and doesn't settle into the fine lines at all. The only complaint i have is the actual brush, the applicator was stiff and felt kind of uncomfortable but it's no biggie.
Powder Blusher in Naked Rose: a 'neutral beige pink'. This is my 3rd Illamasqua Powder Blusher and i have to say these are probably my favorite blushes ever. The texture is so incredibly soft and velvety. All of illamasqua's blushes are super pigmented, one swipe and it's more than enough. It blends perfectly and leaves the most flawless finish. Naked Rose was no exception. This matte blush looks very natural when blended out.
Gosh i'm so in love. I'm very tempted to pick up the cream blush from this collection too! Here i'm wearing both the blusher and lipgloss:

Do you own anything from illamasqua?