Ju Bao Hong Kong Cuisine

I was not planning for a restaurant review when I stepped into Ju Bao Hong Kong Cuisine. It was National Day and we were all hungry after a tiring morning. We had to queue, “bash” and wriggle our way through waves after waves of human traffic before catching a glimpse of KaiKai and JiaJia at the River Safari. Lesson learnt: DO NOT visit the Zoo on a public holiday.
Okay, no more queuing, pushing and squeezing. By now, I just wanted to have a decent lunch before we headed home for our National Day celebration. Not familiar with the area and totally clueless about where to have a proper lunch, I sent out a SOS message to my Makan Kaki group. Within seconds, suggestions flowed in! This is much better than using the HungryGoWhere portal and I totally trust the recommendation of this group of Makan Gurus! I confirmed the address, set up my GPS and we were on our way to Ju Bao Hong Kong Cuisine.
The place was not difficult to find but I would have missed this gem if I was driving around the area alone searching for a lunch place without my friend’s suggestion. Tucked away in a quiet little corner along Sembawang Road, Ju Bao serves authentic Hong Kong cuisine in a casual setting. The restaurant was formerly at Teck Chye Terrace and was headed by Chef Yip who had over 30 years of culinary experience including years as head chef of Lei Garden.

Once we had settled into our seats, plates of braised peanuts and hae bee hiam (spicy dried shrimps) were served. I like my braised peanuts soft but not too soft and this was the version served. I could taste soy, star anise, garlic, cinnamon, sugar…. An array of addictive flavour. I like.

With 3 hungry young kids with us, I opted for some child-friendly dishes.
Garlic Pork ribs (S12 small / $18 regular) is one of their signature dishes. I thought they look more like deep fried pork belly slices than ribs when the dish was served. But, the meat was very nicely done. Crispy and scrumptious, this dish was a winner with the kids. If you like crispy fatty pork, this garlic pork ribs should be right up your alley.

Whenever I visit a Hong Kong or Cantonese restaurant, I love to order the beef brisket dish. Here, the succulent beef brisket and beef tendon (S12 small / $18 regular) was braised to perfection, drawing in all the flavours from the condiments and spices added. If I am not wrong, they don’t serve the brisket directly from the braising pot. I believe the braised brisket and tendon was stir fried on very high heat in double-quick time with onion, ginger and spring onion and then served in hot claypot. This extra step infused enormous “Wok Hei” to the already soft meat and tendon, thickening and concentrating the braising liquid in the process. A perfect dish to go with plain steamed rice.

Triple egg amaranth leaves ($10 small / $15 regular) in superior stock is one very common comfort dish that we order regularly when we eat out at Tze Char stalls or Chinese restaurants. You just cannot go very wrong with this dish including Ju Bao’s version.

I know the environmentalists will not be happy reading this but my favourite dish that day had to be the Sea Cucumber Shark’s Bone soup ($12 per individual portion). The traditional milky gelatinous soup was extremely smooth and so packed with all the collagen extracted from the shark's bone after hours of brewing. Highly recommended.

The E-Fu noodle ($12 small / $15 regular) is also worth a try too. Braised with conpoy, mushrooms and chives, the Cantonese noodle was more than decent and the kids loved it very much too.

I would love to sample more dishes on the menu but could only order so much as my family of 5 includes 3 young kids. But I will be back.
Now, I have good reason to visit this part of the island more frequently other than to visit the 2 Pandas.

Ju Bao Hong Kong Cuisine

435 Sembawang RoadSingapore 758398Tel : 6280 2208
Open Daily :11.30am – 11.00pm