L'Oreal Shine Caresse In Lolita 606 And Eve 605 (Swatch + Review)

So after hearing that these L'Oreal Shine Caresses are drugstore dupes for my beloved YSL glossy stains, i had to try them for myself and since L'Oreal is YSL's parent company, i was interested to see how the two would compare.I asked my mum to pick up a couple for me when she was in HK a couple of months ago but it was so confusing looking at swatches online because the range available seemed to be different across the globe. I was so lost because i wasn't sure if only the names were different or if they were different colors entirely, and in some cases, there were different colors with the same name in different regions. The ranged varied significantly and it was really frustrating actually. So that's why i added the color number behind the name because this is the range that is available in Asia.So starting off, i was really impressed with the packaging because it looks quite high end for a drugstore product. The product comes in a sleek gold tube with the color peeking through it making it easier to see the shade inside. The teardrop shaped wand makes application a breeze as it is angled perfectly when held to the lips; not to mention the pointy tip at the end helps a lot when forming your cupids bow.The real innovation is the hole at the centre of the applicator though, as it evens out the gloss when putting it on so you never have excess product on your lips. Onto the actual shades and swatches now. I find the with both of these colors, they change in color as they dry on your lips. Eve 605 appears as a hot pink in the tube but when applied, it's more of a deep raspberry color. I love love love this color!Lolita 606 appears as a natural rosy pink with gold microshimmers in the tube but leaned slightly more nude when swatched. Great neutral color for everyday.Swatches under natural light: Eve and LolitaSwatches under flash: Eve and LolitaLip swatches: Lolita and Eve (sorry to be confusing and switching it around!)The lightweight waterbased formula means it is quite thin when applied (but not watery) and there is a cooling sensation when the product touches the lips. The pigmentation was fantastic on both of these, especially Eve, one coat was enough (which is exactly how it should be according to Rae Morris!)You can easily build up the intensity of the color upon layering. It feels a little sticky when it is drying so don't press your lips together and let it set. The glossy finish doesn't budge until you eat or drink, after you eat or drink, you lose the glossiness and it may leave a stain depending on the color - Lolita didn't really 'stain' for me. However I tested Eve for an entire day, the gloss turned into a lip stain as it is meant to, and only after 7-8 hours did it fade to the point of leaving patchy stains and accentuating dry areas of my lips. So that's pretty impressive!! The initial application felt pretty similar between the two products but after a while, the L'Oreal one started to feel a bit tight. Compared to the YSL glossy stains, i will say that the YSL formula wears more evenly and comfortably over the course of the day. Lolita EveSo the final verdict: i think that this is a really great budget alternative to the YSL glossy stains. It's pretty pricey for a drugstore product but it is well worth it if you want a similar product without paying the high end price. The only obvious differences for me is that the L'Oreal Shine Caresses may be slightly thicker, apply less evenly and wear a little uncomfortable over long hours. Nothing a little reapplying can't fix! The concept for these two products are pretty much the same! How gorgeous does Barbara Palvin look as the face of L'Oreal Shine Caresse c:I realised i've never really tried L'Oreal products and they have come out with some pretty impressive products lately that has me interested. Anything else you would recommend? c: