Luna Bowtique

This is the second time i've ordered from Luna Bowtique. The first time was only back in May but when she released her Totoro bows, i couldn't resist and placed another order. I bought the Totoro bow in yellow, a Squishy Pink Bow as well as the Summer Treats Bow. As always, it was adorably packaged with heaps of cute letter papers, it's such a joy to unwrap!
The 3 bows cost me $14 in total so on average these bows were $3-4 each. The girl who owns the store is really lovely. She's been getting an overwhelming amount of orders lately so she often has to close her store just to catch up on her orders.
My current collection of bows from her store:Here are a few photos of me sporting her bows :3If you're interested, you can find her on tumblr and instagram @GummyOctopus, she normally keeps her followers updated on when she opens her store c: