RiRi Hearts MAC: Fall Collection - Her Cocoa Eyeshadow Quad, Bad Girl Gone Good Blush, Talk That Talk Lipstick And 187 SE Brush (Swatches + Microreviews)

WOW. What a stunning collection and certainly one I could not miss. I went into Myer this morning as soon as they opened - I knew exactly what i wanted so I picked them up and came straight home to photograph them. I can't even decide which product is my favorite because I love everything so much already after one use.

I'm not going to go into huge amounts of detail for each product; this is just a round up of everything I bought and my first impressions. Obviously i cannot comment on wear just yet. I just wanted to get these swatches and microreviews up as soon as possible because i think it's going to sell out very quickly and i don't want you to miss out!

First up, i got the eyeshadow quad in Her Cocoa. I am honestly so impressed with this palette and its overall quality. Generally, MAC eyeshadows are such a hit and miss but all the shades in this quad are soft, blendable and smooth with a beautiful color payoff. The bottom 2 colors are especially velvety. The shades don't have names. Top left we have a golden copper lustre, top right is a light satin peach, bottom left is a golden warm mid-brown with gold microshimmer and lastly bottom right is a rich chocolate brown with bronze microshimmer.
I think there are definitely dupes out there for these gorgeous golden-bronzey shades but I don't have many similar colors and It's a lovely combination to have in a single palette. I will definitely take this with me when i go to HK!

The second thing i picked up was the blush in Bad Girl Gone Good (I see what they did there). This is a dusty coppery rose. Strangely enough, I thought there would be dupes out there but it's quite a unique shade. The satin finish prevents it from looking too flat and gives my cheeks a really pretty glow! Pigmentation is great and buildable. So much love!
I was SO EXCITED by this shade. I've been wanting a really dark lipstick for a while but Cyber was too slippery for my liking and i wanted a shade that would last. Talk That Talk is a deep matte plum. As soon as i saw promo photos, I knew i wanted it.  As expected from the Retro Matte formula, it's very dry. In fact, it's probably the driest lipstick out of all the Riri Hearts MAC lippys I own. Because it's quite stiff, it's hard to get an even look. Lip prep is a must must must with this one! I think if you have the patience and the time, it will look amazing but if you don't pamper your lips, it can appear patchy. I need to get a lipliner to match this lipstick but i didn't want to get the one in this collection because it was quite chalky when i swatched it. Any suggestions?
Here are some swatches under different natural lighting: Her Cocoa Eyeshadow Quad, Bad Girl Gone Good Blush, Talk That Talk LipstickSomething i did not plan to get but ended up getting was the 187 SE brush from this range, and an expensive spontaneous purchase it was!! The MAC 187 is one of my favorite brushes, I love using it for liquid foundations (when I want a light coverage), as well as for powder foundations, intense blushes and powder. However it is so impractical to take on the go! As someone who travels around, I couldn't resist. Plus i love everything about the look of this brush. The main difference is that the bristles are more dense than the original and the handle is shorter and fatter. I haven't tried the brush yet but it feels so soft ^^
After i photographed all the products in its beautiful untouched form, i quickly put on what i could before work LOL. Because the lip was so heavy, I didn't want to wear too much on my eyes. I used the gold all over the eyelid, the bottom left color in the crease, the darkest color along the outer lower lash line and the peachy color to blend out the edges as well as in my inner tear duct. My lips have been really dry these couple of days so i apologise for the patchiness. I just tried the lipstick on to see how the color looks. This FOTD was done really quickly because i just wanted to get this post up, I will have a proper play with it when i have more time and create a smokier and darker look to share with you ^^ with my lips prepped properly too!
I thought the lipstick would be my favorite item but the eyeshadow quad really surprised me. I am a huge blush fiend, so it was given that i'd love that.
This was definitely a splurge but luckily I had a giftcard from Myer from my birthday last year that was about to expire so i used it to pay for half of this.
I never get this invested in MAC collections and this is the most i've ever purchased from a single collection. Especially with our prices double the US retail prices, I pretty much never buy from MAC unless I'm overseas but I just couldn't miss out on this killer collection. The rose gold packaging is just too lush.

Did you/Do you plan to pick up anything from this collection? What's your favorite item from it? Any lip liner suggestions for dark plummy colors?