The Little Touches Count

I have heard reps over and over again ask what I do. How do you get recruits, how do you get sales?  First and foremost you just have to get out there and get your books into people's hands. That isn't all though. Keeping your customers happy is a huge part of the job. Little touches along the way are what make you the choice over so and so down the block or online.

As you can see in the picture above, and one of my favorite touches, is to tape my lipstick samples to my pages or promo cards. I do this with perfume samples as well. See the words on these samples are small and can be hard to read. By placing the color with it's corresponding picture the customer knows where, what and which of the products to order. Now "fat" books, the theory is to leave the sample in the book where the products is, all good but some people need even more of a hint of what they have. This gives it to them.

Another tip is to point out the best deals. Sticky notes on pages, writing on the page it's self with a marker, or placing stickers bringing the product to light. Boost sales by letting people know the deals. I mean if a perfume 5 piece set is on sale for less then the perfume is at book price people will buy it for the deal but may not have noticed the fact if not promoted by company in huge, bright letters!

More individualized touches are great as well. If you have someone who buys a certain eyeliner make sure they know when it is on sale.  A little note to them, hand written of coarse, doesn't just tell them there is a deal. This touch lets them know not only do you care what they need and want you are paying attention to them specifically. Everyone likes to feel as though someone cares about them, that you care about them. This builds trust, loyalty and  a customer relationship that will drive that person back to you over and over again.

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