Welcome To The Monkey House

WH adviser Stephen Moore floated something like this to me last week: Said admin should threaten to give students a voucher to go to private school if their public school doesn’t open. Still not quite sure how that works in practice, or if private schools won’t have same issues. https://t.co/N1pWjMMZRw— Benjy Sarlin (@BenjySarlin) July 9, 2020
I am actually rather familiar with private schools.

The better ones would simply refuse to admit people who tried to use "their" federal funds to pay the tuition (how that money would ever get to their hands is beyond me at this moment.  The staff needed to handle the bookkeeping and accounting for such monies doesn't exist at the school district level, and couldn't be conjured out of thin air by mid-August, aside from the simple question of whether or not such funds could be spent that way without specific Congressional allocation).  And really crappy private schools couldn't open up fast enough at this point to take advantage of the obvious grifting opportunities this could provide.

Assuming federal funds could go to non-accredited schools.

This is a complete non-starter and as brain-dead an idea as can be imagined.  As I keep saying, this Administration couldn't manage a two-car funeral procession.  They are absolutely and completely incapable of doing the job they are supposed to be doing.  At this point the perfectly legitimate question is:  what are we paying them for?
Arne Duncan ?

“It’s ludicrous. It’d be funny if it wasn’t so sad.” https://t.co/Z3rddo6ZNL— Julie Bykowicz (@bykowicz) July 9, 2020
I doubt they have the authority to create vouchers, either.  And, as I said, the bureaucracy to administer them, from D.C. to the local schools, doesn't exist; and can't be built between now and August (I've seen comments that some schools will open as early as August 10).

These people are complete idiots.  Monkeys flinging poo get more done than these people do.