What I've Been Wearing: Everyday Make Up

My make up routine has been more or less the same for the past 5 months (can you believe that?) so I thought I would do a post on it.
I'm really happy because I have found a base routine that works perfectly for me and all of the products are from Make Up Forever (MUFE)! These are the products I use on most days:
Starting off with foundation - I love the MUFE HD foundation, it is the only foundation I've ever repurchased. So on my last trip to HK, I decided to pick up their Face and Body Foundation as well. I don't think I've used another foundation since because I just love it so much! I think out of all of the foundations I have tried, this is my holy grail. It just does everything I would want a foundation to do.
I remember one of the things that really sold me on this foundation is the fact that it's 80% water.

The liquidly consistency separates when it's just sitting in the bottle so it requires a good shake before every use. I love that it comes with a pump for obvious hygienic reasons but also because it makes dispensing the product much easier. 1 pump is usually perfect for me, sometimes I use an extra half pump as coverage is buildable. Despite being such a lightweight, water-based foundation, it evens out my complexion so well! On top of that, it feels super lightweight and blends very naturally without emphasising any of my imperfections. It actually looks like my skin; not a layer covering it. The only cons I can think of with this product are 1.) that it comes in a glass bottle and 2.) MUFE isn't the most accessible brand in Australia.
I usually use the Face and Body foundation for everyday and switch it out for the HD foundation when I need a bit of extra coverage (e.g. nights out/when I know I will be photographed).
Using my foundation only to even out my face, I follow up with the MUFE Full Cover Concealer on any troublesome or red areas that require that extra coverage. The name of this concealer sounds intimidating but it does its job of concealing my dark circles and imperfections flawlessly without looking cakey. It's rare that you can find a concealer that can do both these tasks. It comes out of the tube in a thick consistency so the littlest bit goes a long way, and that is the key! Less is more. I usually warm it up with my fingers to a creamy consistency and dab it in the areas I need and it doesn't seep into the fine lines or crease underneath the eyes.
Brows are a must!! The creamy formula of the MUFE Aqua Brow, when used with my angled liner brush from MAC, gives me the perfect filled in, defined brows that stay put for the entire day. I get so many brow compliments because of my brow routine, and let's be honest, brow compliments are the best compliments! I'm curious to see how the Anastasia Dipbrow compares to this because they sound pretty similar in concept, just that one is in a pot and one is in a tube. If we are only talking about packaging, I definitely prefer a tube. Then i use the MUFE HD powder on my T-zone and concentrating around any other areas I have concealed.
Oh! And another thing I love about MUFE products? The staying power is amazing - water and sweat proof!
Onto eyes. On lazy days, I usually just curl my lashes and pop on a bit of mascara. My favorite mascaras are Dollywink and Fairydrops mascaras. I just find that these asian mascaras do the best all-rounder job of holding my curls, lengthening + volumizing my lashes. Other days, I would use my Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette and a bit of liner. This has to be one of my most-used palettes ever and I actually use every single color regularly, which I can't say for most of my other palettes.
On a daily basis, I will use Venus on my inner corners, pop Foxy all over the eyelid and blend Faint into my crease as well as on the bottom outer lash line - a pretty subtle and natural look. I am a black liquid liner girl and I've been using the Heroine Make Kiss Me/Dollywink liquid liners interchangeably for as long as I can remember. Recently I've started using the Dollywink brown liquid liner though.
As for blush (my favorite part of my make up routine), I'm usually not fussed which one I reach for because I love love love all my blushes! This year, there has been about 3-5 blushes on heavy rotation (I'll probably do a post on that in the near future!) In this post, I'm wearing NARS New Attitude, one of my favorites.

For lips on an everyday basis, I stick to neutral pinks or tinted lip balms. Some of my favorites are the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in 02 (pictured left), the 3CE Jumbo Lip Crayon in Bohemian Pink (pictured right) and the Dior Lip Glow. I didn't get a photo of the latter but it's not the most obvious color on the lips, I just like it because it gives the tiniest pink tint but it also makes my lips look so supple.
On some days, when I can be bothered or I'm just feeling fancy or I gave myself more time than I thought to get ready, I would use a bit of highlighter and/or bronzer. My go-to products for this are NYX Mosaic powder in Highlighter and Benefit Hoola.
I've never been that much of a highlighter girl, it's just an extra step that I've never really cared for. I honestly don't even remember buying this highlighter. It's strange though, like a month ago, I couldn't stop using this but now I've stopped. Hoola however I love, it was the first bronzer I got and one of the first products I ever hit pan on which is super exciting. When I'm done with this, I might have to give the cult NARS Laguna a go just because :P
And voila! Honestly on an average day, if I'm only going to uni or work and especially if it's early in the morning, I don't give myself that long to get ready because I would rather snooze, even for that extra 10 minutes. I've got my everyday routine so down pat, this only takes me about 15 minutes and like I said, I do skip some steps. If I only had time to do a few things in my routine, it would be brows, concealer and blush. I think these 3 things are the most important for me when I want to look somewhat put together. Lipstick is my bonus because I always carry at least one with me so I can apply that on the go even if I'm running late :3

What are the essentials in your routine if you only had a few minutes to put yourself together?